Six Ghost StoriesSix Ghost Stories
by T.G. Jackson

With an Introduction by Richard Dalby

Dust jacket by Jason C. Eckhardt

Limited Edition Hardcover - $32.00  (1 copy available)
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ISBN: 1-899562-68-0

Ash-Tree Press, 1999; 147 pp; limited to 500 copies

Sir Thomas Graham Jackson (1835–1924) was celebrated, in his day, as one of the foremost architects in England. His many commissions and restorations included extensive work at Oxford, Cambridge, and many English public schools, while his work at Winchester Cathedral between 1905 and 1912 almost certainly ensured that great church's survival to the present day.

Jackson was also a keen traveller and antiquarian, whose journeys took him throughout Britain and Europe. His wide-ranging interests were to stand him in good stead when, later in his life, he wrote several ghost stories for the amusement of family and friends.

These tales were collected together in bookform in 1919; and, with one exception, none of the stories has been reprinted since. They range in setting from eighteenth century London to twentieth century Italy, and include ghosts both malevolent and benevolent. 'The Lady of Rosemount' and 'The Eve of St John' tell of ghosts from the past intruding on the present, while 'The Ring' concerns an ancient curse visited on an over-inquisitive visitor to Italy. In 'Pepina' and 'The Red House', restless spirits return to haunt those responsible for their deaths; and in 'A Romance of the Piccadilly Tube' Jackson has created one of the first ghost stories set in the London Underground.

In his extensive Introduction, Richard Dalby has provided an account of the life and achievements of the unique personality behind Six Ghost Stories; and Jackson's scholarly tales of ghosts and hauntings are sure to please lovers of the classic supernatural story.

Introduction by Richard Dalby
'The Lady of Rosemount'
'The Ring'
'A Romance of the Piccadilly Tube'
'The Eve of St John'
'The Red House'

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